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Pet Boarding:

We love our client’s and we especially love our client’s pets. Our doors are always open and the welcome sign is always up! So stop in and take a tour or just come on in and feel at ease that your furry friend will be taken care of while you’re away.


Small: $24.94

Medium: $26.67

Large: $30.72

Cats: $21.48

All boarding rates include food (Science Diet Sensitive Stomach) and their walks which is three times a day. (Including weekends)

All pets must be up to date on all vaccinations  including (CIV) Canine Influenza Vaccine for canines. If your pet happens to need their vaccinations while they board we will be more than happy to vaccinate while they are here.

We encourage you to bring whatever it may be to keep your pet comfortable and feel more at home while they stay with us (food, bowls, toys, bedding, blanket etc.), but we do supply your pet with a bed, food and water bowls (fresh and clean with every meal) and food.

We here at Silverlake Animal Hospital want to make sure this will be a wonderful experience for your furry friend. So we have Boarding Add-Ons to make their experience that much more wonderful! Here is a list of what we have to offer:

Boarding Add-Ons:

Individual Playtime: $15

Frosty Paws Ice Cream (chocolate or vanilla): $2.50

We know you don’t want those sweet babies going home smelling like a dog! So we have a range of baths to offer you so that your pet will go home smelling sweet.

Disc. Bath w/ a 2 night stay (minimum): $26.26

Deluxe Bath: (ladies get their nails painted and a bow and gentlemen get a bandana) $36.76

Baths range in price from $32-$52 depending on breed.

Furminator ranges in price from $26-$42 depending on breed.

Daily 15 minute Brushing: $15

Nail Polish: $8

Nail Polish and Bows: $ 10

Maybe perhaps your pet needs a good tooth brushing? We offer that as well!

Toothbrush: $5-6

Toothpaste: $9

Teeth Brushing: $5

We hope to see everyone as fast as your four legged friend can get you here. 


New Patients Receive $15 Off First Exam.

Free month of heartworm prevention with first puppy visit!!

Ask about our wellness plans

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